Night Of The Fourth Of May Chords

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Dm                   G          F          C            Dm
Ah the days they flew by and the leaves fell from the trees
F                   C                   Bb F            Gm
And many times you came around and many times you slept with me
F                  C                        Bb          F Gm
And every time that we made love you wrote it down in your diary
Lady of ladies

Gm          F      Gm      F       Eb          D
But I would always say to you don't ask about tomorrow
Gm            F       Gm      F          Eb          D
Give what you have take what you need, your time is only now
Eb                         D
Don't try to tie me down to promises
Cm                      D
Live for today, today is all there is
Gm          Eb          D          Gm
And freedom seems to be everything to me

Dm             G            F            C       Dm
I took you down to a party on the night of the fourth of May
F                        C                Bb          F      Gm
And a strange and growing restlessness had hung in the air all day
F                  C            Bb      F          Gm
The need to try and tear down and destroy all that we made
Lady of ladies

Gm                  F    Gm       F      Eb D
You whispered in my ear and asked me if I fancied her
Gm          F      Gm          F          Eb      D
you told me that he'd phoned you when I was in America
Eb                        D
daring each other just to say okay
Cm                        D
swap for tonight didn't I always say
Gm          Cm          D            Gm
that freedom seems to be everything to me
Cm                  D             Gm
And she came and she sat down beside me
Cm             D                  Gm
and you found an excuse to go downstairs
Cm                D       Eb                            D
and she smiled and made the kind of conversation that you do
Cm       D                  Gm
and later on she said my last train has gone
Cm            D                Gm
oh I wonder if you would take me home
Cm                   D
and I found you in the hallway
Gm                                    D
and told you that was all that I would do
Eb                         D
just run her home and it’s through
Cm                   D
oh I thought that you knew
Gm            Bb F                   Eb
but I must confess, I laid my head on her breast
Gm             F             Eb
and it seemed so hard to pull it away
Gm                  Bb          F                      Eb
her hand touched my hand and her eyes were offering the rest
Gm             F                  Eb
if it wasn't for you oh I would have stayed
Gm             F                Gm                  F    Gm
but I came back home through the morning to find you lying awake
Gm                F             Gm                      D
and I knew all at once what you'd done and I heard myself say

(1 Down stroke per beat)
why did you have to sleep with him anyone else wouldn't have mattered half as much as him

Dm             G          F          C      Dm
I don’t want to touch you somehow you feel unclean
F                C                   Bb    F       Gm
I just wish that you were five hundred miles away from me
F                        C                Bb      F    Gm
Don't talk at all, don't start to cry just pick up your things
Lady of ladies
Gm            F      Gm      F       Eb          D
And though I'd always told myself that when our time ended
Gm      F       Gm    F      Eb            D
I'd walk away with no regrets and no attempts to stay
Eb                        D
Somehow it doesn't seem to be that way
Cm                      D
I find I'm needing every word you say
Gm          Cm          D            Gm
This freedom seems to be everything to me
Cm      D          Gm             Cm            D          Gm
And you went up to Cambridge and you stayed in your brother's room
Cm                D          Eb                   D
And you wrote me a letter and sent it the same afternoon
Cm       D            Gm                Cm      D       Gm
You said I just want to hurt myself. Oh I need you so badly now
Cm             D            Gm                            D
And you told me without you there seems to be no horizon at all
Cm                  D      Cm             D
Just no crack in the wall, no place lower to fall
Gm       F             Gm       Gm       F             Gm
"Hey don't leave me, don't leave me, the shapelessness of the dawn
Gm      F       Gm                   D
Floods above and beneath me, I just can't go on
Cm                              D          Eb                   D
And I had to walk right into the trap, and I had to say please come back
Gm                   F       Gm                  D
Though I felt all the while my resistance slipping away

(1 Down stroke per beat)
Why did I have to fall for you anyone else wouldn't have hurt me half as much as you
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Published : 2017-07-04 13:36:02

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