You Ought To Be With Me Chords

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Capo 1
G#m D#m G F

E                            D
Sit right down and talk to me about how you want to be
            F#m                            B
You ought to be with me, yeah you ought to be with me
G#m                            A
Thinking 'bout what people do, talking 'bout how I love you
Thinking there's nothing to what to say
            A      B C#m B
You're gonna be with me anyway
E                            D
They don't want to see us do all of the things we want to
          F#m                        B
You oughta be with me, yeah you oughta be with me
E                B            Bm                  Am
You don't have to waste my time if you want to be a friend of mine
       F#m                         Am
You can hear me now and walk away and turn your back for another day

A G#m A
G#m F#m G#m
F#m E G#m

E                            D
Ought to be the kind of girl that can brighten this ol' world
       F#m                              B
And it's hard to see why you and me can't be together happily
G#m                      A
I'm not trying to realize you being with some other guy
I don't know the reasons why
          A      B    C#m B
You oughta be with me until I die
E Bm Am A
Yeah you oughta be with me until I die
F             Bm                               Am
I don't want to waste my time if you want to be a friend of mine
       F#m                            Cm
I wanna hold you tight, love you right, put good feelings in your life

E Bm Am A
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Published : 2017-07-03 03:50:27

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