Violet Snow ACOUSTIC Chords

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[Intro :]
G F#m Em G

A          D
Life is a journey
          C          B
Feeling of hopelessness,
             C#m F#m
She sweeps them all away
Bm      A#m
Able, wistful,
    A                Em
and always keeps her promises
      G#m                   A
Every ending has a new beginning
      G#m                   D
Unexpected things will happen
E                         A
There will always be silver lining

Time heals all sorrows
            C B
Get love and no worries
Em                      C#m          F#m
‘cause nothing it’s more precious than love
Bm      A#m
Noble, faithful,
      A                   Em
she’s as pure as the driven snow
A             D
Oh dear heart, so sweet

[Music :]
A D C B Em C#m

   F#m       Bm A#m
Is our world bright?
A                         Em    A A#m
No darker thought can seize anything
Bm          F#m
A fragile beauty
A    D    G
My one and only
   G#m          F#m A D    Em
She’s not only gentle but brave
With honest eyes, it’s true

Lost in the labyrinth,
          C          B
never know what love means
‘cause truly,
             C#m      F#m
that precious innocent mind
Bm      A#m
No fears, no tears,
   A                         Em
set the spirit free and stay alive
A                D
Oh dear heart, so please

[Music :]
Em A
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Published : 2018-01-12 14:03:01

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Violet Snow ACOUSTIC
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