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no capo!
[verse (1)]
F  remember all the Bbtimes i’ve spent with Fyou-Bb---
F  from the first helBblo to last touch Ftoo-Bb---
F  flickers in your Bbeyes your voice in FtuneBb---
F  midnight talk til Bbmore than half past Ftwo-Bb--
[pre chorus]
it hurts me to Dmend this story tChat we used to Bbhave
there’s nothing Dmleft to say, all i can Cdo is wish you Bbwell
[chorus (1)]
maybe when we’re Folder
all Cour dreams will come tBbrue
maybe when we’re Folder
we can Cbuild our dream house Bbtoo
maybe when we’re Folder, it all makes Gmsense
why do we Fhave to go on separate Bbways
maybe when we’re FolderGm, if i see you when we’reF older
things might get different Bbtoo
[verse (2)]
F  i’m chasing hopes and dBbreams all to the FsoutBbh--
F  i have no other cBbhoice but to let you Fgo--Bb---
F  come run over the Bbhills i know you’re sFtronBbg--
F  i’ll meet you once Bbyou’ve reached your finish FlineBb---
[pre chorus]
in a deDmcade or two we’d have so Cmuch story to Bbtell
if our paths cDmrossed again we’d remiCnisce the time we Bbfell
[chorus (2)]
maybe when we’re Folder
all Cbattles have been Bbwon
maybe when we’re Folder
no mCore tears fall to the gBbround
maybe when we’re Folder, and things have cGmhanged
we’d thank this fFleeting memory we sBbhared
maybe when we’re FolderGm, if i see you when we’re Folder


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About Agatha Chelsea

Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto atau dikenal sebagai Agatha Chelsea atau Chelsea Idola Cilik (Lahir: 18 Desember 2001) adalah model, aktris dan penyanyi asal Indonesia. Agatha merupakan saudara kandung dari Alexander Troy Terriyanto dan beragama Katolik.



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