Country Road Chords

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Trying a chord without having to shift a page
Back in the summer of '91
An angel with a lizard's tongue
    Am                        E    E7
Was screming for a holy broken nose
Linked to every class of men
Sprung out from the sparkling sins
Am                         E
Leaning on the cold electric stove

Chorus 1:
          Am    E             Am
On a country road I swerved to the side
         Am    E      Am
Trying to avoid a country bumpkin
          Am      E            Am
Everyone's in line to meet with the man
          Am          E Am
Who blatantly inspired his generation

Bridge 1:
When they shake his hand and their fingers explode
Breaking both our necks by the tips of our toes
                  G                      Am
Then they turn to me, cause you died I suppose
But I can't seem to glance fast enough to be sure

Chorus 2:
             Am       E            Am
Back to summer days, cold hands on the beach
          Am       E       Am
Memories of thrills designed to please you
               Am      E                  Am
Down the fragrant path I strayed towards the bath
         Am       E      Am
Suddenly I lived to learn to feed you

Bridge 2:
Down on bended knee, where I've been for a while
Set the record straight in the old fashioned style
             G                              Am
Never took too much, though I should have made more
You are still my friend, though you were not before

Am E E7 ( x2 )
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Published : 2017-10-12 02:24:37

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