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[Intro x2 :] Bm G

Bm                   G
Knocking on doors and swallow every key

Bm                   G                  D      Emin7
Knocking on doors and swallow every key, carelessly

[Int x2 :] Bm G

Bm                   G
What a terrible time we had, do you want it back?
Bm                   G                      D      Emin7   Bm
What a terrible time we had, do you want it back, timelessly?

                              G                              D
We lived in the smallest world and all of it darkened as we slept
Knew our paces dictated the turn of the moon and the earth
    Bm                   G                         D
And yet we still battled, began to doubt ourselves
                              A                               Bm
I saw a softness in you as you were, so that's where my claws went

                            G                                          D
I used to drink off of you, take sips of perspective from things you said
                              A                                 Bm
And when we disagreed it would burn, but I still loved to taste it
                     G                            D
Then something bittered, something within ourselves
                        A                                 Bm   G
Just as most of the things I deserved, I learned how to waste it

                                        Bm      G
I made you sick where I had meant to make you mine
                                     Bm      G
I found loneliness in a room that you were in
                           Bm       G   A
I know it tore you up, it wasn't by design

      Bm    A            G
Do you care      that it's over?
      Bm    A       G
Do you ever trace the lines?
                Bm A          G
Was it shared?          Are you sober
      Bm       A    G      Bm
Just to show we're not alike?

Walking home is harder
The pace gets hard to keep
when you're in all the windows
outlining every street
Do you disappear if I break them
or show up in every piece?
We don't ever speak but I'm holding on, I'm holding on, I'm holding on

Which version of you is the right one
the one from our memories?
The one locking doors that I knock on
and swallowing every key?
I don't want to sleep but it's coming on, it's coming on, it's coming on
I don't want to sleep but it's coming on, it's coming on, it's coming on

      Bm    A            G
Do you care      that it's over?
      Bm    A       G
Do you ever trace the lines?
             Bm      A          G
Was it shared?            Are you sober
    Bm       A    G    Bm
Just to show we're not alike?

       G                               D
I said I loved you as a way to change the subject,
       A                   Bm
Fingers breaking as they crossed
            G                               D
You said you loved me so you wouldn't have to prove it
With both eyes towards the door
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Published : 2017-09-26 08:51:53

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Trace The Lines
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