2nd Hand CHORDS by $uicideboy$

The Dark Glacier Saga
Released: 2017

All I see is scrubs
Face mean mugged
On a couple drugs
Smoke with migo plug
FTP my blood
Grey the fucking gang
Boy, stay in your lane

Never high, just maintain
Hate this fame, hate this game
D                    B
Take these shoes, last a day
Oil flowing through my veins
Lil Remains, that make that stain
Em                    C
Y'all look good in cellophane
Mane, insane, real blade
Swing it through your fucking brain
Em                        B
I said fuck 'em, we got a problem?
Fuck you gonna do with it? I think nada
Just a persona (okay), and I'm Nirvana (Cobain)
      Em                                    C
Popping xans to make you mad, I know you want some
Rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling
Em                              G
Got an ounce of the coke, white snow floating
Em                          B
River road shawty, Yung Christ, one chosen
Em                              C
Slick tote the AK-47 stolen, woadie joscing

Em                B
All of y'all are over-saturating 'Preme and Bape
Em                              B
Bitch it's FTP all fucking day, all y'all look the fucking same
Fuck the fame, fuck a lane
B                                Em                          G
Bitch I'm bout to swerve into the toll booth and scrape the change
Bring out your dead and blaming it on Yung Plague
Bitch I pull up with the K
K9 by my right leg 'till I say OK
Em                  G
K9 on his hind legs ripping off your face
Em                C
All I gotta say is g^59 until the grave
Em          B
One color, two numbers
Em                        G
Three fingers in the sky amongst the thunder
I'm like fuck the others
I'ma bring the ruckus
I might fuck your bitch
She swears she suffers under the covers
Em                          G
I'ma-I'ma-I'ma hell hound, hell bound, shawty wanna dime
Em                              B
I'ma sell pounds, sell pounds, shawty said she might
Em                                C
Let them bells pound, bells pound, shawty wanna cry
I'm like fuck it every night
Keep turning black, I close my eyes
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Published : 2017-08-20 16:48:01

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