World's First - Music Player With Lyrics and Chords Going Simultaneously

World's First - Music Player With Lyrics and Chords Going Simultaneously - 33

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At the end of 2022, we started developing a tool that can play songs while simultaneously playing lyrics and guitar chords together.
We got this idea after receiving a complaint from a visitor who had difficulty learning guitar chords on our website.
Since then we thought, how can everyone who visits the [a href="/"]chordband.com[/a] website be able to easily learn all the chords made by our team.
We realize that many of the posts on this website are far from perfect, what we find most often is on intros, or instrumentals. In that part it is sometimes difficult to understand because there are no lyrics that accompany the music.
After several days of developing the tool, we finally started rolling out the feature in early 2023 in Beta.
Until the time this article was written, our tool has started to be enjoyed by everyone.
But you need to know that not all of our guitar chords have this feature. Because we reformat the compose code manually.
To see if our chords have added this feature, you can see the buttons, Play, Pause, Resume, Stop, at the top of the article. For example, as shown in the image above.
But there are things that are very important to use this feature, namely your internet network must be strong enough to play videos without buffering.
If there is buffering/jamming, song lyrics and music will not run together, because the video will be slower than it should be.
We will continue to try to develop this feature to be even better so that it is even easier to use.
Another thing you need to know too. This site, [a href="/"]www.chordband.com[/a] is the world's first guitar chord site that has this advanced feature. If at any time you see that there are other sites that have this feature, it means that they have copied our creativity.
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