This is the World's Longest Song - 1 Song Almost 1 Hour

This is the World's Longest Song - 1 Song Almost 1 Hour - 39

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Song lyrics can vary in length for several reasons, depending on the artistic vision of the songwriter and the genre of music. Here are a few possible reasons why song lyrics may be long:
Storytelling: Some songs aim to tell a detailed story or convey a complex narrative. In these cases, longer lyrics are necessary to provide the necessary context, describe characters or events, and create a vivid imagery within the song.
Artistic Expression: Songwriters may use longer lyrics as a means of expressing themselves fully. They might want to explore intricate emotions, convey multiple layers of meaning, or delve into profound themes that require more words to convey effectively.
Genre and Style: Certain music genres, such as progressive rock, metal, or folk, are known for their longer song structures and lyrical content. These genres often allow for extended instrumental sections or poetic storytelling, leading to longer lyrics.
Musical Phrasing and Melodic Variation: The length of lyrics can be influenced by the melody and phrasing of the song. A songwriter might elongate the lyrics to fit a particular melodic structure or create rhythmic variations within the song.
Experimental or Conceptual Songs: In some cases, artists may intentionally create longer songs and lyrics as part of an experimental or conceptual approach. These songs may aim to challenge traditional songwriting conventions and offer a unique listening experience.
It's important to remember that songwriting is a creative process, and there are no strict rules regarding the length of lyrics. Different songwriters and artists have their own styles and intentions, leading to a wide range of lyrical lengths in the world of music.
Some of the world's longest lyrical songs include:
"Thick as a Brick" - Jethro Tull: As mentioned earlier, this progressive rock song is approximately 43 minutes long. Its lyrics are intricately woven throughout the song's various sections.
"The Odyssey" - Symphony X: This progressive metal song by Symphony X is divided into four parts, with a total duration of 24 minutes and 9 seconds. It incorporates complex instrumental sections along with its extensive lyrical content.
"Echoes" - Pink Floyd: Although not as long as some others on this list, "Echoes" by Pink Floyd spans over 23 minutes. It features poetic lyrics and a hypnotic musical progression.
"The Decline" - NOFX: This punk rock song by NOFX has a runtime of 18 minutes and 23 seconds. It is known for its extensive and politically charged lyrics.
"Telegraph Road" - Dire Straits: This rock song by Dire Straits stretches over 14 minutes. It tells a story through its lyrics, exploring themes of urbanization and societal changes.
It's important to note that these songs represent examples of lengthy lyrical compositions, and there are many more songs with extensive lyrics beyond this selection. The length of lyrics in a song can vary across different genres and artistic intentions.
Lalu, jika ada lagu terpanjang, apakah ada lagu terpendek?
Tentu ada. The shortest song in the world is often credited to "You Suffer" by the British grindcore band Napalm Death. Released in 1987, the song has a total duration of just under 2 seconds. It consists of a short burst of intense vocals accompanied by a few guitar and drum notes.
"You Suffer" gained recognition for its extreme brevity and has become a notable piece in the grindcore genre. While it may not offer much in terms of traditional song structure, it stands as a unique and concise musical statement.
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