The 5 Richest Music Record Labels in the World

The 5 Richest Music Record Labels in the World - 34

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Music is a huge industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. This is because record labels play a vital role in boosting the popularity of musicians and bands under their umbrella in the midst of intense competition in the music scene.
Apart from producing songs, record labels also strive to continue to develop new talent, helping musicians market their works globally to protecting the copyright of a song.
So, which are the biggest music labels in the world that are known to be the home for a number of the world's great musicians? Here's the full Business review.
[h2]1. Universal Music Publishing Group[/h2]
The largest and wealthiest record label, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMG), controls more than 95 percent of the global music market and has locations in more than 60 countries.
UMG started its business in 1992 after the merger of MCA Records and Decca. UMG has a smaller label company involved in publishing, audiovisual media, and merchandising. Lady Gaga and The Beatles are well-known artists who collaborate with this record label.
Its annual revenue is estimated to be more than [b]USD 9.4 billion[/b].
[h2]2. Sony Music Entertainment[/h2]
Sony Music Entertainment is an American music company founded in 1929 in New York, USA. Sony itself has contracts with more than 200 hundred artists.
Over the years, Sony has acquired several record labels such as RCA Records, Arista Records, Columbia Records, Columbia Nashville, and Legacy Recordings. Sony has offices in more than 40 countries. Several well-known musicians who have released their music through Sony Music include Bob Dylan, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, and Pink.
Annual revenue is estimated at more than [b]USD 9.12 billion[/b].
[h2]3. Warner Music Group[/h2]
Warner Music Group (WMG) is an American multinational business founded by Warner Bros. in 1958. The company is present in more than 50 countries around the world.
Atlantic Records and Warner Bros Records are the two flagship labels of the Warner Music Group. Many legendary musicians have entrusted their music to their label, from Madonna, Joni Mitchell to Prince.
Annual revenue is estimated at [b]USD 6 Billion[/b].
[h2]4. BMG[/h2]
BMG is another major music industry company that specializes in music publishing and labeling. Its head office is in Berlin, Germany. Some of the artists who have recorded their music with BMG include Craig David, Cypress Hill, Dido, Fergie and Lenny Kravitz, among many others.
It is estimated to generate [b]USD 748 million[/b].
[h2]5. Interscope Records[/h2]
In 1990, Jimmy Iovine and Ted Field founded Interscope Records based in Santa Monica, California. Eminem, Lady Gaga, Blackpink, Dr Dre, and OneRepublic are some of the top artists who have worked with Interscope Records.
It is estimated that his revenue will reach [b]USD 600 million[/b].
[blockquote]We get the revenue data for all the record labels above from the internet, and may experience an increase or decrease at any time which is not updated on this page.[/blockquote]
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