Simon Cowell Forces Cakra Khan to Stop Singing During at AGT 2023 Audition, Why?

Simon Cowell Forces Cakra Khan to Stop Singing During at AGT 2023 Audition, Why? - 66

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The Indonesian singer Cakra Khan had a surprising moment at his audition for America’s Got Talent 2023. He was singing his own song “Mencari Cinta Sejati” when he was abruptly stopped by judge Simon Cowell.
Cowell, who is known for his harsh criticism and high standards, pressed the buzzer and asked Khan to stop singing. The audience and the other judges, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, were shocked and confused by Cowell’s move.
However, Cowell had a good reason for stopping Khan. He explained that he was so amazed by Khan’s voice and performance that he wanted to hear him sing something else. He said that Khan had a unique and powerful voice that deserved to be heard in a different genre.
He then asked Khan to sing a song from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, which he said was one of his favorites. Khan agreed and sang “Music of the Night” with his impressive vocal range and emotion.
The result was stunning. The audience and the judges gave Khan a standing ovation and praised his talent. Cowell said that he was blown away by Khan’s versatility and that he had just witnessed a star being born. He said that Khan was one of the best singers he had ever seen on the show and that he had a great chance of winning the competition.
Cakra Khan thanked Cowell for his feedback and said that he was honored to be on the show. He said that he came to America to pursue his dream of becoming an international singer and that he hoped to inspire other people with his music.
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