Sandra Dewi husband is involved in a 17 billion dollar corruption case that shocks Indonesia

Sandra Dewi husband is involved in a 17 billion dollar corruption case that shocks Indonesia - 107

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Recently, Indonesia has been shocked by news of the number 271. Is this a mystical number? No! But this number is related to a corruption case worth 271 trillion rupiah or about 17 billion US dollars. This is the largest corruption case ever in Indonesia.
This corruption case involves a celebrity's husband living in Jakarta, Indonesia and has been ongoing since 2015. This corruption practice involves the mining business permit of PT Timah tbk in several regions in Indonesia. The ecological damage from this corruption is estimated to reach 17 billion US dollars. This damage is quite complex and involves many factors, including losses due to the sale of illegal tin by dishonest company owners and state losses due to environmental damage.
The collaboration of PT Timah tbk is suspected to be non-transparent and full of engineering by inflating budget funds for fictitious projects. The first person identified as involved in this case is Tony Tamsil. He is suspected of obstructing the investigation process on January 30, 2024.
The Attorney General's Office gradually began to determine other suspects in this case. Some of them are state organizers and senior officials of PT Timah, including three people namely Riza Pahlevi, former director of PT Timah, Emil Emindra, finance director of PT Timah during the period 2017-2018, and Alwin Albert, former director of operations and business development of PT Timah.
From the development of this case, there are two other names that make this case more viral, namely Helena Lim and Harvey Moeis. Helena Lim, known as Crazy Rich "Pantai Indah Kapuk", often appears in vlog content of several creators who review her luxury home. Harvey Moeis is a businessman and husband of artist Sandra Dewi. They married on November 8, 2018 with a luxurious wedding at Cinderella Castle, Disneyland Tokyo, Japan.
In 2018, Harvey Moeis is suspected to have contacted the managing director of PT Timah, Riza Pahlevi. Harvey Moeis asked Riza to accommodate illegal mining activities in the mining business permit area (IUP) of PT Timah. After several meetings, they agreed to cooperate in renting tin processing and smelting equipment in the IUP area of PT Timah tbk.
Harvey Moeis also contacted several smelters including PTSIP, CV VIP PT SPS, and PTTIN to participate in their business. He also ordered the smelter owners to set aside some of their profits. The profit was then divided equally between Harvey and several other suspects in this case.
Finally, Harvey Moeis was arrested and detained by the Attorney General's Office at the Salemba State Detention House, a branch of the Attorney General's Office, for 20 days from March 27 to April 15, 2024. Furthermore, Helena Lim, is suspected to have helped manage the proceeds of crime cooperation in renting tin processing and smelting equipment in the IUP area of PT Timah tbk. She provided facilities to the smelter owners on the pretext of receiving or distributing CSR funds that actually benefited herself.
Although PT Timah is a state-owned company, they still lose to illegal miners. This causes dissatisfaction because it harms the state. Ideally, this illegal mining should be disbanded so that state profits increase.
However, immoral people who work for the state instead want to enrich themselves by taking advantage of the emergence of this illegal mining. They think, instead of disbanding illegal mining, why not cooperate with them and offer protection as long as they share profits. So, illegal mining continues to operate as usual.
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