Neneng Savitrie, a Famous Singer in the 90s, Now Experiencing Mental Disorders

Neneng Savitrie, a Famous Singer in the 90s, Now Experiencing Mental Disorders - 71

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Neneng Savitrie, a former dangdut singer who was popular in the 1990s from Indonesia, is now suffering from mental disorder (ODGJ). Her life story has recently become a topic of discussion among the public, as revealed by Youtuber Pratiwi Noviyanthi in her video.
According to Neneng’s child, her mother became ODGJ when she was young. At that time, she was still an artist who often performed on TVRI. She was also admired by many people, but she rejected a man who liked her. Her child explained that her mother’s condition changed drastically because of black magic.
“It was when she was young, she became an artist. There was someone who liked her, but she refused. That’s why she was bewitched again. There were three people who bewitched her. Finally, it happened until now,” he said.
He also said that his mother had been married three times and he was from the first or second husband. He had tried to treat his mother hundreds of times, taking her to the hospital and to the shaman.
When Pratiwi visited Neneng’s house in West Java, she was warmly welcomed. However, Neneng refused to leave the house. She only agreed to chat through the window that was opened wide.
Neneng Savitrie is suspected to have suffered from postpartum depression or baby blues syndrome after giving birth to her third child. This condition might have triggered her mental disorder.
Neneng Savitrie’s fate is very unfortunate. She used to be a famous dangdut singer in the 90s era, but now she is struggling with mental illness. Hopefully, she can get better soon and return to her normal life.
Please note: ODGJ is the term "people with mental disorders" in Indonesia.
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