Mick Mars, Lead Guitarist of Mötley Crue Fired! Why?

Mick Mars, Lead Guitarist of Mötley Crue Fired! Why? - 35

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Co-founder of the Mötley Crüe Music Band, Mick Mars filed a lawsuit against his former band members. Mick claims that he was fired from Mötley Crüe without being granted his rights as the holder of a 25% stake in corporate Crue.
Lawyers for Mick Mars said the band tried to waive his client's rights after he said he could no longer tour because of an arthritic condition called ankylosing spondylitis.
“They called an emergency shareholder meeting for the band's main corporate entity to remove Mars from the band, to fire him as corporate director, to fire him as corporate officer, and to take him on board. shares in the company." said the Mars lawyer.
He also stressed that his client clearly still wanted to record with the band and play residencies - and that he was definitely not giving up his lucrative stake in the band's corporate entities.
Mars said Crüe co-founder Nikki Sixx and the rest of the band offered him only 5% to leave – and said they were only doing it "as a courtesy."
"Sixx made it clear to Mars that he believed the offer was generous, and that Mars, after 41 years with the band, deserved nothing," Mars' lawyers wrote in Thursday's filing. "Sixx further criticized the performance on the US tour, and exclaimed that there was no way the band would ever tour with Mars again."
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