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This time, we will discuss the true story of a beautiful woman from Indonesia who intentionally married a British conglomerate and spent all of her husband's and even her in-laws' wealth.
The woman's name is Juliana Posman. This woman's journey in committing fraud began when she married a British man named Christopher Forte. Christopher, born in 1978, comes from a very wealthy family. His parents, Tony Forte and Gill Forte, are retirees with quite a lot of wealth. In addition, Christopher is also a top graduate and expert in IT. He has experience working as a teacher and in 2010, he worked at an IT company located in Egham Surrey, England.
At his workplace, he met a woman of Indonesian descent named Juliana Posman. Juliana, a woman from Sumatra, Indonesia, has been in England since the 2000s.
Christopher began to fall in love, then established a quite serious relationship with Juliana. Christopher then introduced Juliana to both of his parents and they saw Juliana as a good, smart, and beautiful woman. They agreed and asked Christopher to immediately marry Juliana in 2014. However, when they were about to get married, there was a problem regarding Juliana's visa because she was not a permanent resident in England so she had to use a visa to be able to live there.
Christopher, who did not want to lose Juliana, chose to hold the wedding first, then take care of Juliana's visa afterwards. Christopher did not suspect anything and did not even try to find out why his fiancee's visa could not be extended.
Their wedding was held at a luxury hotel, the Grosvenor Hotel in London, and spent up to 1 billion rupiah, or equivalent to 62 thousand US dollars. They also held a reception in Sumatra, Indonesia, and honeymooned in Bali, spending up to 500 million rupiah, or equivalent to 31 thousand US dollars. For Christopher, the nominal is very small considering he comes from a very wealthy family.
After getting married, Juliana persuaded her husband to buy a house. Actually, Christopher's parents did not mind, but because Christopher is an only child, and both of Christopher's parents are very old, Christopher's parents thought it would be better for Christopher and Juliana to live with them for a while, and Juliana agreed.
Juliana is known to like to splurge money by traveling to various countries such as Spain, Taipei, Croatia and others, spending as much as 60 thousand dollars in each country.
Her collection of luxury goods is also not half-hearted. Every month she definitely buys luxury bags, luxury clothes, luxury shoes, basically anything branded she definitely buys and she buys everything using Christopher's credit card.
Meanwhile, Christopher himself since marrying Juliana only works as an English teacher in Brighton. The salary he receives every month is not too big. He is indeed a rich man's child, so most of his wealth comes from his parents.
One day, Christopher taught at a place that happened to be attended by Juliana's friends. Juliana's friends complained to Christopher, saying that Juliana is a slot gambling addict, and more often loses than wins. They revealed that Juliana often borrows money and has a bad financial record, which is one of the reasons why she cannot extend her visa to stay in England.
Christopher tried not to believe the accusations of Juliana's friends, he remained confident that his wife was a good woman and could not possibly do such foolish things. However, as time went on, Juliana began to dare to ask Christopher for a loan for the reason of getting a visa. She also asked for assets worth 85 billion rupiah, or equivalent to 5.3 million US dollars, on the grounds that she could extend her visa because she was considered to have large assets in England. Because he loved Juliana so much, Christopher gave the money to Juliana.
A few days later, Juliana again asked for an additional 257 million rupiah, or equivalent to 16 thousand US dollars. Juliana often asked Christopher for something while crying and forcing, including asking to see the contents of Christopher's savings and asking Christopher to sell his premium bonds and asking about his parents' finances.
Christopher, who was starting to get tired of his wife's behavior of constantly squandering money and wanting to know his family's privacy, finally told this problem to his parents. Christopher's parents were very surprised to hear the story because they had previously given 90% of their retirement money to Juliana. Apparently, Juliana had persuaded Christopher's parents to give a lot of money for the same reason, namely to take care of her visa.
At that time, they were very shocked. They did not expect that the woman they had considered good was actually taking advantage of them. Christopher then began to investigate how much debt Juliana had and it turned out that Juliana had a debt of 67.6 billion rupiah, or equivalent to 4,194,000 US dollars. This huge debt was all caused by gambling.
What was even more shocking, in April 2016, Christopher suddenly received a letter from someone named Reiter saying that he and his business partner, Kaye, had lent 515,000 US dollars to Juliana, Christopher's wife.
In the letter it was stated that the guarantor of the loan was Christopher. However, Christopher knew nothing about Juliana's loan. The letter had been signed on a stamp, so the letter was legally valid and Christopher could no longer deny it.
[img src="/article_data/media/images/2024/04/1234_chris005.jpg" alt="Christopher"/]
He tried to contact Juliana, but apparently Juliana was not at home and was already in Indonesia, she ran away. Finally, Christopher immediately went to the bank to liquidate the rest of the savings he had. However, according to information, Christopher kept money in a joint account with Juliana, so Juliana could freely access the account.
When checked, the account balance was completely gone, alias zero. Christopher immediately checked the transaction mutations in his account and it was found that Juliana had transferred all his money, which totaled 1.86 billion rupiah or equivalent to 111,000 US dollars to his brother. And 4.28 billion rupiah or equivalent to 266,000 US dollars to his parents. The rest was used for gambling, this was seen from the mutation of his account to the gambling account.
At that time, Christopher decided to sue Juliana through legal channels because he felt cheated. Unfortunately, Christopher's lawsuit could not be processed because what happened between Christopher and Juliana was just a family matter. Legally, Juliana is Christopher's legal wife and her actions using all of Christopher's money are considered legal in England. This is legally considered negligence on Christopher's part for giving full access to Juliana.
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