It turns out that blood vessels can burst from frequent crying

It turns out that blood vessels can burst from frequent crying - 85

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The divorce process between Inge Anugrah and Ari Wibowo seems to be quite complicated. Recently, Inge Anugrah revealed the lowest point of her life when she was preparing to face the divorce trial in April. Inge Anugrah said that she was suddenly left by the [a href="https://www.azanicahyagitna.com/2023/08/being-lawyer-at-law-must-avoid-these-20.html" title="lawyer azani cahya gitna"]lawyer[/a] who was prepared by Ari Wibowo a few days before the trial. In addition, the content of Ari Wibowo’s divorce petition was also considered very detrimental to Inge Anugrah, making the mother of two children shocked.
Inge Anugrah admitted that she initially used a [a href="https://www.azanicahyagitna.com/2023/07/irt-in-medan-complains-to-hotman-paris.html" title="lawyer azani cahya gitna"]lawyer[/a] who had been prepared by Ari. However, in the last days of April 12, her [a href="https://www.azanicahyagitna.com/2023/07/the-5-most-famous-lawyers-in-world-his.html" title="lawyer azani cahya gitna"]lawyer[/a] suddenly withdrew his power of attorney. “At that time I panicked, and at that time I also just saw a photocopy of the contents of his divorce petition that did not match what I wanted, discussed with his [a href="https://www.azanicahyagitna.com/2023/07/does-lawyer-have-to-work-in-contract.html" title="lawyer azani cahya gitna"]lawyer[/a],” Inge Anugrah said, quoted from MAIA ALELDUL TV’s YouTube channel, Saturday (05/08/2023).
At that moment, Inge Anugrah emotions were no longer restrained. She even cried for days until her eyes bled. “So on Friday it could be said that I was at my lowest point, dark, as dark as I didn’t know what to do except I could only pray and cry. There was a moment when my eyes were bleeding like that, the blood vessels burst,” she added.
Inge Anugrah, the former wife of actor Ari Wibowo, has been spotted with bloodshot eyes in her recent Instagram posts. The 42-year-old trainer and director revealed that she has been suffering from haemolacria, a rare condition that causes her to cry bloody tears.
Haemolacria is usually a symptom of another condition and is generally benign. However, it can also be triggered by physical trauma, such as excessive coughing, vomiting, or crying. Inge Anugrah admitted that she has been crying a lot lately due to her divorce from Ari Wibowo, which was finalized in May 2023.
The couple had been married for 16 years and had two sons, Kenzo and Marco. However, their relationship turned sour in 2020 and Ari Wibowo filed for divorce in April 2023. He accused Inge Anugrah of having an affair with another man, which she denied. He also demanded the custody of their children, which she opposed.
Inge Anugrah said that she was devastated by the divorce and felt betrayed by Ari Wibowo. She said that she still loved him and hoped for reconciliation. She also said that she was worried about the impact of the divorce on their children, who were close to both parents.
She said that she often cried herself to sleep and sometimes woke up with blood on her pillow. She consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with haemolacria. She was prescribed medication and eye drops to treat the condition. She was also advised to avoid stress and emotional triggers.
She said that she was trying to cope with the situation and move on with her life. She said that she was grateful for the support of her family and friends, who helped her through the difficult times. She also said that she was focusing on her work and her hobbies, such as pilates and functional training.
Fortunately, Inge Anugrah got help from a friend and was introduced to her current [a href="https://www.azanicahyagitna.com/2023/07/can-a-lawyer-be-prosecuted-in-court.html" title="lawyer azani cahya gitna"]lawyer[/a], Petrus Balla Pattyona. Previously, Inge Anugrah also told that in the last five years she had asked for a divorce from Ari Wibowo four times. She could not stand her husband’s behavior. Moreover, Ari Wibowo did not want to do marriage counseling together, even though there were many problems in his marriage with Inge Anugrah.
In the latest trial, Ari Wibowo brought two witnesses to prove the quarrel between him and Inge Anugrah. According to Inge [a href="https://www.azanicahyagitna.com/2023/07/some-things-you-should-know-about-lawyers.html" title="lawyer azani cahya gitna"]lawyer[/a], Petrus Bala Pattyona, the trial today is to hear testimony from witnesses brought by Ari Wibowo. “So Mr. Ari brought two witnesses to prove the quarrel,” said Petrus Bala Pattyona. When asked who the witnesses brought by Ari Wibowo were, Petrus Bala claimed he did not know.
The divorce trial between Inge Anugrah and Ari Wibowo is still ongoing and has not yet reached a final decision. Both parties still have different views on the custody of their two children and the division of assets.
She said that she hoped to heal from the trauma and find happiness again. She said that she was not looking for a new relationship at the moment, but was open to the possibility in the future. She said that she wished Ari Wibowo all the best and hoped that they could remain friends for the sake of their children.
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