INFINITE announce the cancellation of Comeback Again concert in Hong Kong due to communication issues

INFINITE announce the cancellation of Comeback Again concert in Hong Kong due to communication issues - 100

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The popular K-pop boy group INFINITE has announced that they have cancelled their upcoming concert in Hong Kong, which was scheduled for September 15, 2023. The concert was part of their Comeback Again tour, which started in June and has visited several countries in Asia.
According to a statement released by their agency, INFINITE COMPANY, the cancellation was due to “unforeseen communication issues” with the local promoter and venue. The statement apologized to the fans who were looking forward to seeing the group perform live and promised to refund the tickets as soon as possible.
The statement also assured the fans that INFINITE will continue their tour in other countries and will try their best to reschedule the Hong Kong concert in the future. The group expressed their regret and disappointment over the cancellation and thanked their fans for their support and understanding.
INFINITE is a six-member group that debuted in 2010 with the song “Come Back Again”. They are known for their powerful and synchronized performances and their diverse musical styles. They have released several hit songs such as “Be Mine”, “The Chaser”, “Bad”, and “Tell Me”. They are also active in various fields such as acting, hosting, and musicals.
The group recently made a comeback with their seventh mini album “Infinite Only”, which topped various music charts and received positive reviews from critics and fans. The title track “The Eye” showcases the group’s mature and emotional vocals and their signature dance moves. The album also features songs written and composed by the members themselves.
INFINITE is one of the most popular K-pop groups in Hong Kong, where they have a large fan base and have held several concerts and fan meetings in the past. Their last concert in Hong Kong was in 2019, when they celebrated their ninth anniversary with their fans. Their fans, who call themselves Inspirits, have expressed their sadness and frustration over the cancellation of the concert on social media, but also showed their love and support for the group.
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