Descendents Singer Milo Aukerman Cancels Tour Due to Heart Attack

Descendents Singer Milo Aukerman Cancels Tour Due to Heart Attack - 76

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Milo Aukerman, the lead singer of the legendary punk rock band Descendents, has canceled his upcoming tour dates in Europe after suffering a mild heart attack on Thursday night. The band announced the news on their Instagram account, saying that Aukerman is doing fine and is expected to make a full recovery from surgery, but will need a few weeks to rest before hitting the road again.
The Descendents were scheduled to perform at several festivals and shows in Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and the UK from July 28 to August 6. The band apologized to their fans and said they hope to see them soon. Fans who bought tickets for the canceled shows can request a refund from the respective venues or organizers.
Aukerman, who is also a biochemist and former researcher at DuPont, has been the frontman of Descendents since 1980, with occasional breaks to pursue his academic career. He rejoined the band full-time in 2016, after quitting his scientific job due to burnout and layoffs The band released their seventh studio album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate, in 2016 and have been touring extensively since then.
The Descendents are widely regarded as one of the pioneers of pop-punk, influencing bands such as Green Day, Blink-182 and NOFX. Their songs often deal with topics such as girls, rejection, caffeine and food. A caricature of Aukerman wearing glasses and a tie serves as the band’s mascot.
We wish Milo Aukerman a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on stage soon.
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