Bripda IDF, a Densus 88 officer, killed by fellow police in Bogor

Bripda IDF, a Densus 88 officer, killed by fellow police in Bogor - 77

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A member of the National Police's Anti-terror Densus 88, Bripda Ignatius Dwi Frisco (IDF), died after allegedly being shot by two fellow police officers at the Police Flat, Cikeas, Gunung Putri, Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia. This shooting incident occurred on Sunday (23/7/2023) at around 01.49 WIB.
Based on the results of an autopsy conducted at the Sukanto Police Hospital in Jakarta, the IDF Bripda suffered a gunshot wound that went from behind his right ear to behind his left ear. The body of the IDF Bripda has been returned to Pontianak, West Kalimantan, for burial.
The two suspects in the shooting, namely Bripda IMS and Bripka IG, are also members of the National Police's Anti-terror Detachment 88. The two were arrested and detained by a Joint Team of Professionals and Security (Propam) and Criminal Investigation (Reskrim) of the Bogor Police.
The police are still investigating the motive and chronology of the shooting, which is believed to have occurred due to negligence. According to provisional information, the shooting occurred when Bripda IMS was about to take out a revolver from her bag, but the weapon exploded and hit the IDF Bripda who was nearby.
Police are also analyzing CCTV footage at the scene to collect evidence and witnesses. The police promised to investigate this case in a transparent and professional manner.
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