In this era of globalization the internet is a media that has a lot of influence in practical advertising media, there have been many advantages that can be taken such as new revenue streams that may be more promising in advertising on the internet such as increasing market share, lowering operating costs, expanding reach to foreign countries, increase customer loyalty, shorten production time and improve supplier management.

Creativity and innovation in the field of music and songs have grown and developed into separate fields that need to be managed properly so that their development can be in line with the growth of the music industry in the world.

Many music developments and songs initiated by young people in the form of bands or music initiator groups grew in almost all types of genres. This development needs to get a place that is able to provide added value for both the band and genre it carries and its personnel who are able to work and develop professionally.

Advertising Behavior

To prevent losses from repeated ad serving, we store the visitor's IP address and remove subsequent advertisements for visitors who have seen your ad within one week.

This filter applies to all article pages. Example: (IP Address 1234567) has seen your ad on the page "", so if he reopens the same page, or opens another page, for example "", then your ad will not be shown for this IP address.

But after one week, your ad can be seen again by (IP Address 1234567), and so on. Remember, we schedule cleaning of the IP address every week. If your ad is activated on Saturday, the next day it will also be cleaned.

Payment Currency

If you are an Indonesian citizen, please pay for advertising through local banks only. Meanwhile, for citizens outside Indonesia, they can only pay using PayPal.

The fees displayed on the advertising dashboard on our site are in Indonesian Rupiah. For payments using PayPal, your money will be converted into Indonesian Rupiah, at the exchange rate ($1=Rp14000).

For example: if you make a deposit of ($ 100/dollar), then your money will be converted into (Rp 1400.000/rupiah)

Your ad balance will be safe

When a site visitor visits one of our articles, your ad will appear immediately along with the content. However, your balance won't decrease immediately before visitors see your ad.

When a visitor scrolls the page until their smartphone / desktop screen displays your ad for more than 1 second, then your balance starts to be deducted for advertising costs. So you only pay when a visitor actually sees your ad.

Reach targeted customers

You can choose which country visitors can see your ad from.

There are 246 countries that you can choose from, it can be one, or several, even all of them.

This can make your advertising more efficient and your balance maximized for the right visitors to reach new potential customers for your business.

The number of clicks you get

You can see how successful your ad is. Click on the ad that you get just to analyze, no additional charge, 100% free.


Our site gets more than 15 thousand unique visitors every day. Usually, less than half of visitors see ads because they do not scroll the page to the ad section.

Advertising Criteria

  1. Position: Bottom of the content page
  2. Device: Mobile and Desktop
  3. Max size: 70KB for .jpg .jpeg .png and 120KB for .gif
  4. Resolution
  5. Cost / Display

Description of Advertising

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Last modified: October 10, 2020