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Ur Eyez by Peking Duk ft. AL Wright

no capo! [intro] G D A G D A [verse] G D Something switches back A We recharge, focus track G D Land with two feet on the map A Self destruct, i’m blowing up G D Living in the town of clown A Hold it down hit me now G D You just gotta keep wheelin you A Don’t know what your feelin [pre-chorus] G D But

Undecided by Chris Brown

capo: 3rd fret [intro] C Em Dm F Dm [verse] C No i don't see it often G And i probably should've told you Dm I hurt this way Dm I know, and i probably C Shouldn't want this so bad G 'cause when you, when you know me Dm Don't wanna wake up in the mornin' F Can not enjoy what we did in this bed C And i can't get yo

Back To Love by Chris Brown

capo: 1st fret [intro] D-- G- D- Em- D- G- D- [verse] Em D G I--- i know i might let you down D Em Every twice in a while and i apologize D G D i get emotional sometimes, ha Em But i'll keep running with my best foot forward D G 'cause the race to love is never over D Em i wanna be better for ya D G D You made me gen

Thank You by Zara Leola

Capo : 2 [verse] C I just wanna thank you G I just wanna thank you Am I just wanna thank you G Oh mummy oh daddy [verse] C F When the rain falls the days gone Am G You’re my sunshine in my heart C F When my tears fall the pain crawls Am G You hug me tight like its alright C You’re the one who makes it F All alright just for me Am I just wanna say that Im s

Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls by Pee Wee Gaskins

No capo! [intro] C [verse] C 05.40 and i can't sleep F Too many coffee I've been trying Dm To write a song but F I can't think of anything C Or anyone 'cus you and i are doing fine [verse] C F 07.28 wide awake and you're Dm Still with me in my bed F So i take a walk outside, oh Dm Your face is such F A gorgeous sight [reff] C If this is a sad

Berpisah by The Panasdalam Bank ft. Vanesha Prescilla

No capo! [verse] C Dm G Tiba saatnya kita harus berpisah C Dm G Engkau sangat baik padaku C Dm G Bahwa pernah ada dirimu dalam hidupku C Dm G Engkau sangat berarti bagiku [reff] F G C Kini berpisah sayang F G C G Semoga kita bahagia F G Em Kini berpisah sayang Dm G C Semoga kita bahagia [verse] C Dm Setelah hari ini G Tersisa hanyalah sepi C

Cinta Satu Satunya by Four East

No capo! [verse] C G Am Kau satu-satunya cinta Em F Cinta yang tak tersentuh Em Am Oleh ketulusanku Dm G Terasa hampa hidupku tanpa dirimu [verse] C G Am Telah lama aku menunggu Em F Dan selalu jawaban yang Em Am Terucap menggantungku Dm Sampai kapan kau G Menggantungkan cinta ini [reff] C G Katakan saja apa maumu Am

Demi Tuhan Aku Ikhlas by Armada ft. Ifan Seventeen

Capo : 7 [intro] C [verse] C Demi tuhan C Sungguh berat aku lalui C F Em Tanpa kamu bersama denganmu F C Sungguh sulit ku menolak F C Untuk tak mengingat lagi F Dm G Semua kenangan yang kita lalui C Bersama [verse] C Dan aku disini Dm Em F Patah hati tak bisa terima C Dm Kepergianmu dan semua Em F Kenyataan ini Am Dm

Ternyata Salah Mengenalmu by Chevra Papinka ft. Dyrga Dadali

no capo! [intro] G D C D [verse] G D Kau pernah bilang C G Aku yang terdalam Am D G D Kau simpan di dalam hatimu G D Kau juga bilang C G Di hembus nafasmu Am D G Selalu kau sebut namaku Am Tapi mengapa Em Kau tinggalkan aku C G Di saat aku butuh Am Terlalu indah Bm Yang pernah kau bilang C D Ternyata salah ku mengenalmu [chorus] G D Lupakan aku

Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

no capo! [intro] Dm Dm yeah, yeah, yeah Dm ^BLACKPINK in your area! Dm Yeah, yeah, yeah [verse (1)] Dm Cheonsa gateun "hi" kkeuten angma gateun "bye" Dm Maebeon michildeuthan high dwien baeteoya haneun price Dm Igeon dabi eomneun test Dm Maebeon sokdeorado yes Dm Ttakan gamjeongui noye Dm Eoreo jugeul saranghae [verse (2)] Dm Here i come kickin' the door, uh Dm Gajang dokan geollo jwo, uh Dm Ppeonhadi ppeo