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I'm Bad Too by Hwasa

1 week ago

no capo! --'ROMANIZED'-- [verse (1)] Bm E That's too bad Bm E Eojjina maeumi apeunji A Gosaeng mani haenneunde Noryeokdo mani haenneunde Bm E That's too bad Bm E Eojjina sogi sseurinji A Neon jalhaewanneunde Jal dallyeowanneunde [pre chorus] Bm E Jaejuneun gom gateun nega burigo E Neoman bamsaewo ssiat ppurigo A Yalmiun jyaega get, steal my thunder wek [chorus] Read more ..

WHY by Hwasa

1 week ago

capo: 6th fret [intro] Am-- C-- F-- Dm- G- --'ROMANIZED'-- [verse] Am Neoege dakikkaji C Nan meolli dorawasseo F but neoegeneun easy love Dm G neoneun fuck it easy love Am naega nuni meoreotdae C Sokjima moduga naege mareul hae F algo isseo easy love Dm G i'm alone as crazy love [pre chorus] Am You're my hero C Daleun jeomi mana machi mirror F Amu mal an haedo we know Dm G Everything i wa Read more ..

Merawat Dunia by Syahrul Asad

1 week ago

no capo! Saya pakai kunci original alias tanpa capo, silahkan pakai alat transpose diatas jika masih merasa sulit [intro] G D G D [verse] G D G D Di manakah menghilang G D G D Erti kasih dan sayang G D G Waktu dunia berperang D C D Dan kita saksikan kemusnahan G D G D Di manakah menghilang G D G D Erti kemanusiaan G D G Waktu kita bersengketa D C D Asyik sehingga terlup Read more ..

My Fans by Tom MacDonald

1 week ago

capo: 4th fret [verse] G Aye, blood don't make you family C i got brothers from different mamas and daddies G i got people who would kill for me, i'd kill for them C And we ain't never met, we just say what up on the internet G Shout out to anyone showing love in the comments C Just know i got you to the day they put me down in that coffin G If y'all got problems, i'm in the corner, together we'll solve 'em 'NC' It's like a family reunion when i Read more ..

Protector by Kim Walker-Smith

1 week ago

capo: 4th fret [verse] C I come out of agreement, With the lie that you have left F Me on my own, i am not alone C I come out of agreement With the worry and the fear F I've come to know Dm No, they won't have a hold on me [chorus] C Protector F You never, never, never let me go You said you wouldn't leave me Am And you won't C You're right by m Read more ..

Feels Like Love by Noah Schnacky

1 week ago

capo: 2nd fret Song: feels like love Artist: noah schnacky Album: feels like love Released: 2020 Genre: country [intro] F G C F [verse] F Let's run this town G Like the cops are behind us C F Baby, no slowing down F And don't hold back G What we've got inside us C F 'Cause what we're feeling right now [chorus (1)] F It feels like love G It feels like us Read more ..

Atypical by Glass Tides

1 week ago

no capo! [intro] Em D C C Em D C C [verse] Em Bleeding out while i'm in doubt Delusional but it's critical C Everybody's cynical And i'm just atypical Em Losing face, depreciate My frame of mind isn't visible C But it's unforgivable Left alone and miserable [chorus] Em restless and hopeless D breathing but sinking C I'm not good enough for you Em screaming in silence D fighting with violence C It's the fear that kept me Holding o Read more ..

Indie Rokkers by Soccer Mommy

1 week ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Am F Am F Am F Am F [verse] Am i like the line between F G Em Your belly and your thighs Am The smell of your hair F G Em The sparkle in your eyes Am The smoke in your breath Dm The breathing hard and heavy Am The back of your neck Dm The shine on your chevy Am The moon was so big Dm G Em When i drove it to the levy, girl [interlude] Am C Am Dm [chorus] F Read more ..

Found My Place by Pete Murray

1 week ago

no capo! [verse (1)] Em Life is a long winding road D Em And there'll be many road blocks ahead Em And you will stumble and you will fall D Em Just hold steady on every word i've said [verse (2)] Em There'll be hard nights C Cold times and heartache D Em Don't ever let your dreams die or fade Em C The further away from each other G Em The Read more ..

Overkill by Holly Humberstone

1 week ago

no capo! [verse (1)] G A D a couple more tequilas G A D and i'll tell you how i’m feeling G A D don't wanna kill your evening Bm Don't wanna be a buzzkill A If i’m coming on strong G A D i'm spending all my money G A D going up and down the country G A Bm just to Read more ..

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