In Between Love Chords

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Bm G A F#M Em

I can never tell him

what happened long ago

    A             D
The truth about my past

is something he should never know

I can never tell him

my feelings deep inside

    A             F#M
The truth within my heart

             G            Am
is something I must always hide

His whole life lies ahead

so much training to be done

And as his mother I'll protect

the future for my son.

His love is overwhelming

in its light I'd like to be

But he shares it all with Pokémon

there's just no room for me.

[Delia And Misty]~
I've got a secret

             G C
that tears up my soul

and keeping it hidden

has taken its toll

I can't tell the truth

                  D C
'cause he might turn away

So I'll keep this secret

Bm          A   
it's better that way

Each end's a new beginning

every darkness has its dawn

A                F#m
Tears can't fall forever

G               Am               
so now I must move on

My hopes are still the same

for the man I'd like to be

    C                                  D
and I will make those dreams come true
just you wait and see!

Delia And Misty:I've got a secret
(Ash : There's no turning back)

                              D C
Delia And Misty:that tears up my soul
(Ash : there's no giving up)

Delia And Misty:and keeping it hidden
(Ash : Life still goes on)

Delia And Misty:has taken its toll
(Ash : no matter how tough)

Delia And Misty:I can't tell the truth
(Ash : I'm gonna miss you)

                               D      C   
Delia And Misty:cause he might turn away
(Ash : more and more each day)

Delia And Misty:So I'll keep this secret
(Ash : but I'll keep on going)

Bm                      A       Bm
All:it's better that way.

Em   D C    D      Bm      Em   D C    D      Bm

Published : 2017-08-02 09:10:47

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