The Truth Comes Out Chords

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C     G     C     G

C                    Am
After all the people that I've offended

Fmaj7              G
My funeral will be barely attended

C                       Am
Or just so busy they'll be turned away

Fmaj7              G
As they line up to spit on my grave

    C         Am
Give eulogies,.. lie to your face

Fmaj7                   G
Convince each other I'm in a worse place

        C            Am
They can dig me up to kick me about

Fmaj7               G                     C
Even the worms will spit me right out one day

G    C    G

C                             Am
Throw a street parade with my head on a spike

Fmaj7                  G
Stick my corpse in the stocks if you like

C                      Am
Rip out my teeth for a charm on your

Fmaj7                       G
To warn all the people that I never met

C                 Am
Tie me to horses,.. tear me to quarters

Fmaj7                     G
Until I'm hung,.. until I'm drawn and slaughtered

C                          Am
But it'll kill them,.. it'll leave it's mark

Fmaj7                        G                    C
To find out that I died with love in my heart one day

G    C    G

    Am                    Em
Only God can judge me,.. and clearly he hates me


Published : 2017-05-20 14:55:32

Last update : 2017-05-31 04:11:55

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