Ornament The Last Wrongs Chords

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Am    G   Em    F Em C
Signs the signs invisible

Am    G   Em       F Em C
Trace the trail and follow you

Am G    C       F    Em
wherever you will lead me

Am G   Em       F Em C
To the heart of me and your

Am G    Em       F Em C
spilling grief To answer to a

Am   G C    F Em
God who never answers(you)

Am G   Em    F    Em C
Feathernest invest and gain

Am G Em       F    Em C
Shiny brass is milk and grain

   Am    G C F    Em
And yours is to just sus-

Am   G   Em    F   Em   C
tain and chip away with haste

Am G    Em       F Em C
Treasure time and savor taste

   Am G   C         F Em
And all the while you quietly

Am    G    Em       F   Em C
crave and crave The day is done

Am   G      Em       F    Em C
Time you've made has come and gone

Am   G C       F Em
Stay asleep now Every-

Am G Em   F   Em C
one into posiiiiition

Am G Em   F Em    C
Everyone into their place

Am   G C       F   Em
Grow to grow at snail's

Am   G    Em   F    Em C
pace Like carnivores at grace

Am   G Em       F   Em   C
Feed to feed and building face

Am   G C       F   Em Am
Pay to play and find a place!

Published : 2017-07-20 07:12:43

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