Castaway Chords

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Em Am Fmaj7
Em Am Fmaj7

[Verse 1]~
G                   Am
There was a man who sailed the seven seas

G                                 Am
He was dressed in coveralls that stopped at his knees

G                      Am                         E7
He was on his way from Tasmania to France when it happened

[Bridge 1]~
   E                            A7
The wind was blowing like a hurricane

   G                            C
The waves were crashing like a madman

And his ship sank to the bottom of the sea!!!
And his ship sank to the bottom of the sea!!!

[Verse 2]~
[One strum on each chord]~
C               Em    Am            E
He woke up on an island,.. far away from home

C             Em          Am          E
Far away from everything,.. he had ever known

C                Em          Am                   G6
He sat there on the sandy beach,.. clothes tattered and teared

   C             Em             Am            G6
And as he sat the tears came,.. but he no longer cared


[Chorus 1]~
Am         C   G   Am
He was a ca staway

Am         C   G   Am
He was a ca staway

       Em       Am            C   G   Am
On an island far away he was a ca staway

C G Am
C G Am
Em Am C G Am

Published : 2017-07-20 11:14:34

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