Joe Knows How To Live Chords

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B7                            E
Blue monday morning at the factory gate,..

B7                  E
Almost time to clock in

B7                                        E
The boys are all betting that joe wouldn't show,..

A                         B7
They'd seen him over the weekend he had 4 new tires on that ol cadillac,..

Betty the waitress,.. had some clothes in the back,..

A                               E         B7            E9
Dashboard full of road maps of mexico,.. joe knows how to live

         C#m             G#m      A             E
He said women were made to love,.. money is made to spend

C#m            G#m                  A          C#7
Life is something buddy ,.. you will never live again

         F#m             A                     E
Oh I've got to admit it,.. joe sure knows how to live

    B7                         E
By now they'll be down at the ocean,..

B7                         E
He and betty stretched out somewhere

          B7                         E
The only blue in his life,.. is the blue moonlite,..

    A                      B7
Bouncing off betty's blonde hair

Oh I can just see em rolling around in the sand,..

I never thought,.. I was a jealous man,..

A                                  E             B7          E
But when I think what he's doing

Published : 2017-07-21 00:34:56

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