Tramp Miner (CHORDS) by The Rankin Family


  C                       Am
I am a tramp miner,.. I've been for some time now

   C           Em           Am
I live without light of the day

        C           Em           F             Am
In the black underground that's where I'll be found

C         G    F       C           G     C  F  C  G
Biding my time away,.. Oh working my life away

      C                         Am
From here out to Timmins,.. I've loved all your women

        C        Em           Am
In the taverns I drank down my pay

       C       Em         F            Am
But I'd do it again even though it's a sin

         C           G           F
For it's better than driving the raise

          C             G           C  F C G
If you've done it you'd know what I say

So I'll roll,.. roll with the wind

F                  C
Roll,.. roll with the wind

C    Em            Am           F
Roll,.. roll with the time and the wind

           C          G           C  F C G
Then I'll find my way back home again

Homesickness,.. heartbreak

And black lung among these men run rampant

As there rockin' and rollin'

                           G   C F C G C F C G
High ballin' this country today

     C                       Am
I've been a tramp miner,.. for such a long time now

   C           Em           Am
I live without light of the day

     C            Em              F       Am
In a hole in the ground,.. they'll lower me down

C         G         F        C          F     C  F C G
That'll be my final pay,.. for working my life away

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