Soria Moria (CHORDS) by Mount Eerie

Artist: Mount Eerie
Album: A Crow Looked at Me
Released: 2017
Genre: Rock

Em           C
Slow pulsing red tower lights

C                  Am
Across a distance,..!! refuge in the dust

[Verse 1]~
Em               C
All my life I can remember longing

Am                         Bm
Looking across the water and seeing lights

         Em                    C
When I was five or six,..!! we were camping in the islands in July

   Am                          Bm
The tall yellow grass and the rose hips fragrant

Em                          C
After sunset,..!! island beyond island

Am                     Bm
Undulating and familiar,..!! not far from home

Em                                             C                           Am
With my fragrant,..!! whittled,..!! cedared drift wood dagger in the mildew canvas tent

               Bm                 Em
I saw fireworks many miles away but didn't hear them

            C                   Am
And I felt a longing,..!! a childish melancholy

And then I went to sleep

                  Em                C                      Am                  Bm
And the aching was buried,..!! dreaming,..!! aging,..!! reaching for an idea of somewhere other than this place

          Em               C
That could fold me in clouded yearning

          Am                        Bm
For nowhere actually reachable,..!! the distance was the point

Em   C    Am   Bm C D Gbm Bm

[Verse 2]~
And then when I was twenty-four

C                          Am               Bm
I followed this ache to an Arctic Norwegian cabin

                      Em                 C
Where I said "fuck the world" in a finally satisfying way

Am                              Bm
I stayed through the winter and emerged as an adult

         Em                  C
Holding a letter from you,..!! an invitation

So I flew back and drove back

Bm                              Em          C
And when we met in person it was instant

         Am                           Bm
It didn't matter where we lived as long as we were together

            Em             C
And that was really true for thirteen years

       Am         Bm
And the whole time still


Slow pulsing red tower lights

C                  Am                   Em
Across a distance,..!! refuge in the dust

[Verse 3]~
Em                   C
In January,..!! you were alive still

             Am                           Bm                 Em
But chemo had ravaged and transformed your porcelain into some other thing

Something jaundiced and fucked

    Am                         Bm
They put you in the hospital in Everett

             Em            C                 Am
So I gave the baby away and drove up and down I-5 every night

      Bm                    Em
Like a satellite bringing you food that you wanted

C                     Am                Bm
Returning at night to sleep in our bed,..!! cold

      Em           C
I went back to feel alone there

   Am                     Bm
All past selves and future possibilities on hold

      Em                           C
Well I tore through the dark on the freeway

   Am      Bm          Em
The old yearning burning in me

Em                     C
I knew exactly where the road bent around

         Am                          Bm
Where the trees opened up and I could see

Em            C        Em                 C
Way above the horizon,..!! beyond innumerable islands

   Em                   C                       Am               Bm
The towers on top of the mountain lit up slowly,..!! silently beaconing

             Em        C      Am
As if to say "just keep going

          Bm           Em         C
There is a place where a wind could erase this for you

       Am                        Bm                Em
And the branches could white noise you back awake"

    C                 Am              Bm
So I went back to feel alone there but cradled you in me

Em   C    Am   Bm C D Gbm Bm

[Verse 4]~
      Em                  C
In the National Gallery in Oslo

         Am              Bm
There's a painting called Soria Moria

Em                      C                  Am                Bm              Em C Am  Bm C Gbm Bm
A kid looks across a deep canyon of fog at a lit up inhuman castle or something

      Em                  C                         Am                          Bm
I have not stopped looking across the water from the few difficult spots where you can see

        Em                         C                      Am          Bm        Em               C
That the distance from this haunted house where I lived to Soria Moria is a real traversable space

      Am          Bm
I'm an arrow now

  Em    C


Slow pulsing red tower lights

C                  Am
Across a distance,..!! refuge in the dust

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