Psychescape (CHORDS) by Silent Planet

[Verse 1]~
       Bm                   Am
I sank down the plane of delusion

It's vast expanses mocked my advances,.. and bid me,..

“Oh fragile mind,.. you will learn how to fracture!”

Bm          D        Am
Scrawled across the walls the suffering saint cries out,..

       Bm                          D                Bm         Am
“Is it madness to retreat from the myopic gaze that holds us captive..?"

Bm     Am   Bm                   D
Follow me,.. I'll take you to the edge of reason

Bm        Am   Bm                  Am
Fall with me,.. we'll make a home in our delusion

  D                Am                            D                Am
I split my mind ten thousand times,.. but in every world there's no exit

  Bm Am
No exit!

[Post-chorus 1]~
  Bm              D              Bm             Am      D
No madness in a dream - no walls surround me to keep me safe

    Am                B
The straight line you draw for me

   Am         Bm
So perfect,.. so pure!

Bm             D
Untie me from reality

     Am            B                             Bm                    B
When every word is falling from your mouth,.. don't let it become your escape!

[Verse 2]~
Bm                      Am        Bm                Am
Make an escape from the monolith; scale the lies of material despondency

Bm                               D                                Am             Bm    D
I waited on the tracks of reason,.. but my train of thought it never came,.. it never came!

[Post-chorus 2]~
     Am               B
The straight line you draw for me

   Am                  Bm           D
So perfect,.. so pure; so perfect,.. so pure!

Bm                          Am
I'd change the world but I can't change myself!

I saw you shout at the shadows!

Bm                            Am
I'd change the world but I'm chained to myself!

Define paranoia

Bm     Am   Bm                   D
Follow me,.. I'll take you to the edge of reason

Bm       Am                             Bm
Fall with me… but could the lips of God grace a withered fruit..?

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