Just Like You (CHORDS) by Alan Lee

A              C
I pulled up my Chevy truck

         G                   D
With them stars n bars on the tailgate

       A                  C           G                D
She had daisy dukes,..!! and a cut off tee,..!! sippin' on cool lemonade

          A             C                       G                     D
And i said "hey lil lady whats your name!!..?" ,..!! and she just smiled right at me

       G                                    D                                       A C G D
And she hopped up in my pickup truck and said,..!! "its whatever you'd like to call me"

       G                  D                  A
call me 'freedom girl' or 'rock your world',..!! 'never bow down to no-one'

G                  D                    A
'Dirt road lover',..!! 'spring' or 'summer'

G                   D                A
'Moonshine sipper',..!! 'skinny dipper'

'Sun chasin outlaw' and i said cool,..!!

                  D                      A   C G D  A C G D
Cause im an outlaw too,..!! im an outlaw like you!

A                 C
as we head down I-95

G                    D
full tank of gas and 12 pack

A                   C             G                   D
jason aldean on the radio singing sounds like our own soundtrack

        A                   C                 G    D
and as i glance her way shes already starin at me

        G                  D                                A      C G D
she said pay me no mind but sometimes,..!! i wear my heart on my sleeve

A            C                  G
who would've known,..!! out on this road

there's an outlaw just like me

          C              G
two lonely souls,..!! out of control

lookin for a way to be free

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