All I Can Think About Is You (CHORDS) by Coldplay

C C/Bb F C
C C/Bb F C

[Verse 1]~
C                C/Bb
Fish fell out of water

F                 C
Bird stuck on the ground

C            C/Bb
Chaos giving all this

F                   C
Everything is upside down

C                  C/Bb
Whole world's on a fly and(..?)

F                     C
I wonder where they'll go

C               C/Bb       F       C
Troubles on the outside,.. I know

C                 Bb              F      C
So now,.. all I can think about is you

C         Bb             F         C
All I can think about is you

[Verse 2]~
C                   C/Bb          F     C
We'll fall out on a whole love to do

So low

          Bb        F
And what a lone poor shoe(..?)

I wanna walk in it too

C Gm F C/E Eb Bb Am G#

C     Gm

F            C/E           Eb
It's all I can,.. It's all I can

Eb         Bb                  Am   G#
It's all I can,.. It's all I can do

G#           C
It's all I can do!

C  Gm F C/E

C/E         Eb     Bb
It's all I can

Bb             Am    G#
It's all I can do Yeah!

C         Bb             F     C/E
All I can think about is you

C/E       Eb
It's all I can

Eb        Bb             Am
All I can think about is you

Am                 G#
And that's the only thing that was true

How accurate is this chords?