All Again (UKULELE CHORDS) by Marcus Alexander

Artist: Alexander Marcus
Released: 2016
Genre: Folk

G  Gsus4  G  Gsus4

[Verse 1]~
G                    Bm         C                       G   D
Have the years now betrayed me,..!! while you filled my head

G                    Bm           C                  G   D
Can you see that it made us take,..!! every step we tread

C              G        D             C
And all of the miles we said we would share

C                 Em       D            C
With words in our heads we just couldn’t bear

C               G           D            C
I’d speak them aloud in the distance and then

C              Em            D            G   Gsus4
I’d travel the world just to see her again

[Verse 2]~
G             Bm      C                  G   D
Has my memory faded,..!! time did pass me by

G                   Bm              C                  G   D
When I think of our days,..!! and it no longer makes me cry

C              G        D               C
And all of the glasses,..!! shared with our friends

C               Em         D             C
With stories of life,..!! that came to their ends

C              G       D            C
I’d write them down to remember and then

C                 G          D            G   Gsus4
I’d give them all up just to see you again

E7                                 C
The highs and lows of what has been

C       D               G   Gsus4
I would do it all again

[Verse 3]~
G                    Bm       C                    G   D
Are you still here beside me,..!! when I call your name

G                    Bm                C                    G   D
I would spell it all out,..!! but it takes two to play this game

C              G       D           C
And all of the pieces,..!! all that we tried

C              Em       D             C
With aim to forget,..!! the spark that we hide

C          G            D          C
I’d put it out with the oceans and then

C           Em            D           G   Gsus4
I’d set it aflame just to try it again

[Verse 4]~
G               Bm       C                     G   D
Will I still be dreamer,..!! when my sun has burned

G                    Bm                 C                     G   D
Will I sing with the truth from all the lessons I have learned

C              G        D            C
And all of the times,..!! I gave up will blend

C             Em         D         C
A spectrum of light from all of my friends

C            G                D             C
I give you a thought,..!! for the last time and then

C              Em        D           G   Gsus4
I just want to wake up tomorrow again

E7                               C
And when my dream comes to an end

C      D              G
I will do it all again

G   Gsus4   G   Gsus4

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