She Is My Lady (CHORDS) by Rich Dombroskie

[Verse 1]~
Am      F                   Am
She,..s everything I ever wanted

Am      F                    Am
She,..s everything I ever needed

Am           F             G      Am
She,..s the sunshine that make me warm

F                        G
She is all of my world

She,..s my lady

[Verse 2]~
Am           F                    Am
She,..s my soulmate, best friend

F                        Am
Her compliments never seem to end

F                                    Am
She reads my mind,.. my thoughts she finds

     F             G
She,..s all of my world

She is my Lady

Dm                   Am
The memories we share

Dm                    Am
Is our personal prayer

Dm                           G
As time has strenghtened our love

F          G                   Am
Oh my lady,.. my one and only Lady

[Verse 3]~
Am        F                 Am
She may be a bit old fashioned

F                                 Am
But she sure hasn,..t lost her passion

F       G                Am
I give her my heart forever

F                    G
She is all of my world

She is my Lady

How accurate is this chords?