Percolator (CHORDS) by Charly Bliss

B5 (Bmaj)

(Full band)
B5,.. Em Em Em B

[VERSE 1]~
B             Em     B
Come on baby,.. get me high

  B              Em      B
Is there something new to buy..?

  Em         B
I cry all the time

  Em            B
I think that its cool,..

I'm in touch with my feelings

B             Em        B
I have always loved the door

  B              Em      B
But I will always love you more

Em   B             Em            B
I love metaphors,.. swimming in your pool

I am pregnant with meaning

Could I be more appealing..?

Writing slurs on the ceiling,..

Come on,.. Baby,.. you're bleeding!

E                              B
I'm gonna diiie in a getaway car

I haven't triiied,..

                 B         E
but it sounds too Ha-ah-ah,.. Ah-ah-ah

B         Em        B
Ah-ah-ah,.. Ah-ah-ah,.. -ard

B EmB Em Em B Em B C#7

[VERSE 2]~
B                   Em     B
I'm not scared to lick the floor

B              Em               B
Cause I have sucked on something worse

  Em             B
Straight from the adored

  Em        B
Myself over yours..?

  Em         B
C'mon baby,.. keep dreaming

B                Em    B
Don't you know I aim to please..?

B                Em      B
I'm everybody's favorite tease!

        Em          B
Put your hand on my knee,..

  Em                  B
That's what friends are for

Well,.. I think I'm still breathing

While my parents are sleeping

I am sick,.. but I'm speaking

My boyfriend is freaking

My conscious is fucked and my judgment is leaking,.. then

E                              B
I'm gonna di-ie in a getaway car

I haven't tri-ied,..

E                B
But it sounds too hard

E                         B
All of my friends never understand
You say that I-I make you feel like a man

B Em  B

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