Not Too Amused (CHORDS) by Sebadoh

G   Cm7/G   E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
E            D           E              D

[Verse 1]~
G            Cm7/G             E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
What was that you just said..?

G                  Cm7/G         E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
That didn't make any sense to me

G              Cm7/G          E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
It's not the way I see it man

G             Cm7/G            E/B      D/A  E/B  D/A
I'm almost tired of listening to you

E            D           E              D

[Verse 2]~
G            Cm7/G            E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
Why do you tie me up with words..?

G              Cm7/G                E/B   D/A  E/B  D/A
The way your eye shifts makes me wanna go

G                         Cm7/G           E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
Black-jawed,.. living room,.. couch professor

G                  Cm7/G                 E/B        D/A  E/B  D/A
When will you be through with me,.. I'd like to know

E            D           E              D

[Verse 3]~
G              Cm7/G         E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
Everywhere I go,.. I feel it

G              Cm7/G             E/B          D/A  E/B  D/A
And I won't talk,.. I won't get stuck with you

G               Cm7/G            E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
Everyone's so lonely,.. I dig it

G          Cm7/G                 E/B        D/A  E/B  D/A
But I'm afraid I can't share this with you

[Verse 4]~
G               Cm7/G           E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
So don't make me your captive

G                   Cm7/G             E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
I don't feel like talking your shit

G          Cm7/G       E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
I nod my broken head

G              Cm7/G             E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
I'm not too amused with humans

G   Cm7/G    E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
G   Cm7/G    E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
G   Cm7/G    E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
G   Cm7/G    E/B  D/A  E/B  D/A
G   E/B

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