Devils Doll (CHORDS) by Skeeter Davis

Ab Bb Eb

[Verse 1]~
Eb                                            Ab
I knew him when,.. he held his head up high and there

   Eb       Ab       Eb
was love and laughter in his eyes!

            Bb                                Ab
And then one day the devil's doll came by,.. she tempted

him and he fell!

[Verse 2]~
Eb                                          Ab
I knew him when,.. he wouldn't stay away from home all

Eb    Ab            Eb
night and drink til break of day!

         Bb                               Ab
But devil doll's all have a certain way of changing

heaven to hell!

            Bb               Eb
She took his heart that never was untrue and taught him

Bb               Eb
things the devil taught her,.. too!

      Bb               Eb             F
Til he became someone I never knew who lied and cheated

and left me!

[Verse 3]~
   Eb                                   Ab     Eb
But now and then I see him passing by in shabby clothes

   Ab       Eb                      Bb
and lost and empty eyes with feel of hate for her that
never dies!

   Ab               Eb     Ab                     Eb Bb Eb
The devil's doll was she,.. I knew him when he loved me!

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