Beneath The Cross (UKULELE CHORDS) by Keith Getty

   D                 G6      D               G6   A
Beneath the cross of Jesus I find a place to stand

A   D              G6          D      Asus A7 D
And wonder at such mercy that calls me as I am

D   G                 Gbm
For hands that should discard me

    G6                  Asus A
Hold wounds that tell me come

D                  G6         D      Asus A7 D
Beneath the cross of Jesus my unworthy soul is won

D                  G6        D            G6  A
Beneath the cross of Jesus his family is my own

A    D                 G6                 D           Asus  A7 D
Once strangers chasing selfish dreams now one through grace alone

D   G            Gbm
How could I now dishonor

   G6                 Asus A
The ones that you have loved

D                  G6            D        Asus   A7  D
Beneath the cross of Jesus see the children called by God!

D                  G6        D               G6  A
Beneath the cross of Jesus the path before the crown

A  D             G6              D        Asus A7 D
We follow in His footsteps where promised hope is found

D   G              Gbm
How great the joy before us

  G6             Asus A
To be his perfect bride

D                  G6            D      Asus A7  D
Beneath the cross of Jesus we will gladly live our lives!

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