A Better Life (CHORDS) by Dream Theater

  Em                     Am     C            D
As fearless leader of the Ravenskill Militia

Em                    Am                  D
The blood of warriors flows throughout my veins

Em                        C                     Bm
My brother's gift remains my secret ammunition

Em                           D
It is our hope,.. our pride,.. a catalyst for change

         Am            G     F#m      D
Still the fires of revolution burn within my eyes

  Am                    G                  D
On this perilous road to freedom,.. he's our one and only guide

Em                            C
For many years,.. I've seen our people starve and suffer

Em                 D   Am              D
How many more will die before we stand and fight..?

Em                       Am        C            Bm
They ask me Arhys,.. could things be any tougher..?

Em              D
The answer's no surprise,.. yes,.. you bet your life

Am                 G              F#m          D
Now the fires of revolution won't burn forever more

Am               C              D
I see liberty in our future,.. and it's one we're fighting for

Em      D         C      Bm
We all long for a better life

Em     F#m              C      D
Like a dream that can't be denied

Am          G       C          D
This is the moment,.. now is the time

Freedom if we live or if we die

Em      Bm   G     Em     D
I shall give him a better life

Em           Bm        C     D     Bm
I swore this vow to my dying wife

Am              Em       D
Sure,.. she would not survive

Am      F       Em
Peacefully she slipped away

   F#m           Am
The meaning in my life

   F             Am
Was born that day

   Bm   G                           C       Am          Bb
And so I found the strength to carry on with this crusade

It is my fate

Am     F        Am              F          Am
Evangeline,.. you lived a life of misery and pain

Am     F         G              F             C
Evangeline,.. I'll never let your memory die in vain

C      G       F                 Am
Evangeline,.. my heavy heart still bleeds

F              C               Em F#m G Bm
I dedicate my life to set you free

   F            G                Am   F#m
And I will carry on to plant the seeds

Bb        C                       D
I promise in the name of our new son

Bb                    Am        D
This battle won't be over until it's won

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