1969 (CHORDS) by Ulver

A5 Am Em C F Dm6 C G

A5          Am     Em     C
In the year of the Lord

   F       Dm6  C     G
The word became flesh

A5       Am      Em    C
But our bodies now

    F     Dm6 C     G
Will bleed as before

A5      Am          Em
Nothing has changed

   C     F   Dm6  C    G
Since the late sixties

Cm          D#      Gm     D#
We all must carry

G#      Fm    D#     Bdim
Rosemary's baby

      C           Em     C
Helter skelter

C    Em

A5     Am             Em    C
On the surface of the Moon
(A heart of darkness)

      F      Dm6
Let it bleed

      C      G
Let it bleed

A5          Am
Inside yourself

     Em C  F Dm6 C G
For your father

A5      Am  Em    C
All the way alive

F Dm6 C   G
Inside Golden Gate

A5       Am       Em     C
There used to be a house

     F  Dm6        C   G
At 6114 California St!

Cm D# Gm D# G# Fm D# Ddim

      C           Em     C
Helter skelter

C    Em    Bdim

How accurate is this chords?