Eiffel Tower Blue (CHORDS) by Elliott Murphy

       Am                           Am             Am

I'm a man on a mission,, to be kissing you

Dm                                         Am
I need a section of protection,, to keep me safe all the way through

        E                                      Am
I'm a stranger in a strange land,, Eiffel Tower blue

Policy of avoidance,, avoiding the truth

Dm                               Am
While my pockets full up I see change is running loose

E                                     Am
Travel on a euro train,, Eiffel Tower blue

Dm                                Am
Do you know what I'm asking I got no trick questions for you

Dm                    Am
Such a touchy subject will you let me touch you

E                                       Am
Cross the language barrier,, Eiffel Tower blue

       Am                           Am
Am        Dm    Am    E    Am    Am

Do you know the hour I haven't the slightest clue

Dm                                          Am
I know I'm living on borrowed time and some day I'll pay it back to you

          E                       Am
You're my banker and my account is due

                E                           Am
Still I want to thank you for doing what you do

            E                       Am
I'd like to paint you,, Eiffel Tower Blue

       Am                           Am

Am        Dm    Am    E    Am
Am        Dm    Am    E    Am
Am        Dm    Am    E    Am

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