Eiffel Tower Blue (CHORDS) by Elliott Murphy

LOGO ELLIOTT MURPHY - Elliott Murphy was born in Rockville Centre, New York, grew up in Garden City, Long Island and began playing the guitar at age twelve. His band The Rapscallions won the 1966 New York State Battle of the Bands. In 1971 he travelled to Europe and appeared in the Federico Fellini film Roma Returning to New York, in 1973 he secured a record contract with Polydor Records after being noticed by rock critic Paul Nelson. [More..]
       Am                           Am             Am

I'm a man on a mission,, to be kissing you

Dm                                         Am
I need a section of protection,, to keep me safe all the way through

        E                                      Am
I'm a stranger in a strange land,, Eiffel Tower blue

Policy of avoidance,, avoiding the truth

Dm                               Am
While my pockets full up I see change is running loose

E                                     Am
Travel on a euro train,, Eiffel Tower blue

Dm                                Am
Do you know what I'm asking I got no trick questions for you

Dm                    Am
Such a touchy subject will you let me touch you

E                                       Am
Cross the language barrier,, Eiffel Tower blue

       Am                           Am
Am        Dm    Am    E    Am    Am

Do you know the hour I haven't the slightest clue

Dm                                          Am
I know I'm living on borrowed time and some day I'll pay it back to you

          E                       Am
You're my banker and my account is due

                E                           Am
Still I want to thank you for doing what you do

            E                       Am
I'd like to paint you,, Eiffel Tower Blue

       Am                           Am

Am        Dm    Am    E    Am
Am        Dm    Am    E    Am
Am        Dm    Am    E    Am

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