The Garden (CHORDS) by Kari Jobe

[Verse 1]~
     Am7           F2
I had all but given up

         Am7              F2
Desperate for a sign from love

           G             Am7
Something good,.. something kind

Bringing peace to every corner of my mind

              C      Csus
Then I saw the garden

                C   Csus
Hope had come to me

                  Am7   F2
To sweep away the ashes

                   C   G
And wake me from my sleep

[Verse 2]~
     Am7            F2
I realized You never left

            Am7                 F2
And for this moment You planned ahead

             G        Am7                       F2
That I would see Your faithfulness in all the green

[Chorus 2]~
              C  Csus
I can see the ivy

                    C  Csus
Growing through the wall

                        Am7    F2
'Cause You will stop at nothing

                  C G
To heal my broken soul

              C  Csus
I can see the ivy

                     C  Csus
Reaching through the wall

                        Am7    F2
'Cause You will stop at nothing

                  C G
To heal my broken soul

F2 Am7

G            C2/E       F2 Am7  G
Oh,.. You heal broken souls

G            C2/E          F2    Am7/G
You're healing broken souls

F2       Am7   G       C2/E
Faith is rising up like ivy

F2      Am7      G
Reaching for the light

F2      Am7      G    C2/E
Hope is stirring deep inside me

F2    Am7         G
Making all things right

F2      Am7    G        C2/E
Love is lifting me from sorrow

F2      Am7    G
Catching every tear

F2         Am7   G       C2/E
Dispelling every lie and torment

F2      Am7     G
Crushing all my fears

                 F2  Am7 G
You crush all my fears

C2/E              F2  Am7 G
You crush all my fears

                  F2  Am7/G
With Your perfect love

C2/E      F2           Am7 G
Oh,.. with Your perfect love

           C                        C
Now I see redemption growing in the trees

                    C                      C
The death and resurrection in every single seed

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