Fellow Traveller (CHORDS) by John K. Samson

[Verse 1]~
Rain for the last day that I will be known

   D          C            Bb
The way that I want them to know me

Rain for reporters' predictable leads

      D         C           Bb
On the darkening stain of my name

[Pre-Chorus 1]~
G                         Bb                 F                C
Rain like the morning you left with the international brigade

G                          Bb                           F
A streak of your face at the glass when the train pulled away

[Chorus 1]~
Bb/D         C/E           F        Bb
The aspidistra that refused to die

Bb/D             C/E         F         Bb
A miniature camera in a Cambridge tie

Bb               C         F                     Bb
To get that Soviet control to crack a smile

Bb         C               F
All in our file,.. my fellow traveler

[Verse 2]~
Sleep for the telephone's silent receiver

      D            C           Bb
On its beetle-black back in the hall

Sleep for the bottle that rolled off my desk

D             C          Bb
Danced itself out on the floor

[Pre-Chorus 2]~
G                        Bb               F                   C
Sleep for the overturned ashtray splayed across an unmade bed

     G                   Bb                    F
While I interrogate every word that I ever said

[Chorus 2]~
Bb/D             C/E            F     Bb
I fall from buildings into angry air

Bb/D            C/E            F    Bb
Lecture my students in my underwear

Bb              C              F                    Bb
But once I was allowed to dream of you instead

Bb        C             F
My dear defected fellow traveler

How you booked your final passage

With a passport that you paid for with a pair of roller skates

How you dyed your hair and mustache

Put on a mid-Atlantic accent but you couldn't stop the shakes

When they asked where you had come from

And you muttered,.. "That's a good one"

Though you were never really certain

[Chorus 3]~
Bb/D         C/E            F       Bb
Every umbrella down on Portman Square

Bb/D           C/E        F          Bb
Opens and closes to arraign our fair

Bb             C                 F               Bb
Theory of something I can't picture anymore

Bb        C             G        A
A forgery for my fellow traveler

Bb            C
I won't wait to see

           A                C/E
I still I believe in you and me

My fellow traveler

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