Vampire Alberta Blues (CHORDS) by John K. Samson

Am  Em  G  D7
Am  Em  G  D7

[Verse 1]~
      Am             Em                               G         D7
Oh the vampire Alberta,.. stalks across the money market rates and ducks into a Hummer

   Am             Em                        G             D7
The vampire Alberta,.. wears a bowtie and a pin that says Support the Arts

        Am             Em                         G
Yeah the vampire Alberta,.. takes a photo for another slide

      D7                                         Am  Em  G  D7
In the PowerPoint of all the places we won't remember

Am  Em  G  D7

[Verse 2]~
      Am             Em                          G           D7
Oh the vampire Alberta,.. wipes an oily mouth along a sleeve of forest in the foothills

   Am             Em                         G             D7
The vampire Alberta,.. drools a perfect inky tailing pond and shakes awake

        Am             Em                          G
Yeah the vampire Alberta,.. lifts a nearly empty glass and pleads

  D7                                        Am  Em  G  D7
"I need another one of these,.. so keep 'em coming"

              Am     Em  G  D7
Good times are coming

Am  Em  G  D7
Am  Em  G  D7
Am  Em  G  D7
Am  Em  G  D7

How accurate is this chords?