Oldest Oak At Brookside (CHORDS) by John K. Samson

[Verse 1]~
A  D5 A  D5

A             D5
Before we built

A               D5
That smirking airport

A            D5
Before the phones

Bm                  E
Told us where to go

A            D5
Before the strike

A            D5
Before the streetcar

A             D5
Before we read

Bm             E
Comics on the radio

[Chorus 1]~
A        D5
Long before

  A        D5
We found a way

  A         D5      A
To gauge the coldest day

[Verse 2]~
A            D5
Before the flood

A            D5
Before the treaty

A           D5
Before we broke

Bm                E
A promise to appear

A           D5
Before we drew

A              D5
The new team logo

A             D5
Before the taste

  Bm           E
Of Malathion lingered here

[Chorus 2]~
A      D5
Way before

  A       D5
We skated down

   A     D5        D
The Eaton Place Parkade

D  E  D/C#  F#m
D  E  A

D   E       D/C#  F#m
Before we built that

D   E        A
Before the fire

D                      E        D/C#                      F#m
You were lifted by a blue jay,.. beating wings above a sea
(Be-------fore the treaty)

D                        E           A
With a wave of grazing bison and,.. tallgrass prairie
(Be-------fore we broke)

[Verse 3]~
A          D5
You were set

  A     D5
In sandy soil

   A       D5     A   D5  A  D5
And stand a mighty oak

A       D5     A
Stand a mighty oak

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