Xmas Cake (CHORDS) by Rilo Kiley

1 2 3 | 1 2 3  1 2 3 | 1 2 3
Bm F#
Bm F#

[VERSE 1]~
Bm                                 F#
When I take off my make-up, I look old and defeated

Bm               F#
I'm not so dangerous

G                     Bm
Cry into my Christmas cake

Bm                 F#
Staring holes into me all night

Bm                    F#
You should just give up

G                                 Bm             A                          
Because our love's become selling secrets to the Russians they

E7    G
don't need | The cold

Bm     A           E7                        
war is on between you and


Bm | F#
Bm | F#
G  | Bm | A
E7 | G

[VERSE 2]~
Bm                 F#
25 years old and a bachelor's degree | Your

Bm                           F#
parents helped out with graduation fees | The

G                  Bm
loans were never e-nough | The

G                             Bm              A                      
credit cards are calling your bluff Hold your hand, cut them

E7         G
up, move a-way | Or you'll be

Bm          A             E7              
paying them off ’til your kids grow

up and do the

Bm | F#

Bm | F#

[VERSE 2]~
Bm                      F#
There's no more running water

Bm                       F#
Wrapping presents in the dark

G              Bm
Move into your car

G                Bm
Change where you park

G                Bm         A                        
Too bad that job caroling department stores

E7   G
fell through | But the

Bm          A        E7        
new year is right in front of

G   G  
you Cry into your Christmas

Bm              A            G          
cake Don't know what else to do

Bm              A            G
Don't know what else to do.

(Fa la la, Fa la la la LA)    

[VERSE 3]~
Bm               F#
I fear I'm going deaf

Bm                  F#
I've got some sense left

G                            Bm
Give up some more to be with you

G                             Bm              A
'cause what good is seeing if love's not look-ing back at

E7           G

    G                       Bm              A
and what good is feeling if my hands aren't touching

E7      G

    Bm      A          G
and another angel came down | He was

Bm      A      G
wearing only a cloud | He said

Bm          A               E7
"Sew up the bad that you've done

Bm        A             G
Tomorrow, Christmas day comes!"
(Christmas Daaaaaay)

G         G
Cry into your Christmas

Bm              A            G
cake Don't know what else to do

G                       Bm               A
Cry into your Christmas cake don’t know  what else to

G      Bm          A
do The new year is right in

C7       G
Front of you

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