I Love Leaving (CHORDS) by Jonny Fritz

[Verse 1]~
C                      C7
Classical music is so clarinetty

I love meatballs but don't like spaghetti

It makes me so tired and I want to be ready

I love being ready to go

C                                      C7
Oh, and I love to have to leave at the drop of a hat

I'm ready to go in seconds flat

Ready to go, hey I know about that

G                      C
I love being ready to go

C               C7
Oh, and I love leaving

C/F                        C
Throwing everything in the truck

C/F                                  C
Fishing through the glovebox for the radio

And letting the hood the slam shut

C          C7
And I love leaving

F/C                                      C
And playing Tetris with the things in the van

F/C                       C         
Circling the block til we get the right spot

And honking at my friends

C C7 C/F F/C G

[Verse 2]~
C                          C7
People really love to say "remember when"

"Wouldn't it be great to do it over again?"

They'd give anything to go back then

G                                C
Instead of in the mess they've made

C                                  C7
But me, I hate talking about the good old days

I never want to go down memory lanes

I only want to get into the passing lane

G                          C
And I've always been that way

[Chorus 2]~
C               C7
I guess I love leaving

F/C                     C
Leaving without saying goodbye

F/C                        C
Leaving without telling anybody I'm going

Quick as the blink of an eye

F                                                     C
Someday I'll meet a woman I know who'll wanna keep me around

F                                                        G
And I'm gonna have to face the fact that I might want to stay

Am                                         F/C   C
But until then I'll just be a'sitting in my driveway

F/C                                  G
Turn the key, hopefully I'll be on my way

C          C7  
Oh, I love leaving

F/C                     C
Leaving all my troubles behind

I guess I'm getting that age when turning the page

Is easier than learning my lines

How accurate is this chords?