Generation (CHORDS) by City Worship

G                               C
Now is the time for a movement, all for Your sons and Your daughters

Em          D                   C      D
Call on the name of the Saviour, oh the name of the Saviour

G                        C
We are a new generation, free as a brand-new creation

Em         D                    C        D           C
Sing as we lift up our Saviour, lift the name of our Saviour

This is the sound of a new generation

Let all our voices fill up the heavens

Calling out to the King of all kings

D                 C
Worship His majesty

This is the cry of a new generation

That we will witness the power of Jesus

All our hearts are searching for more

D                   C
Chasing for more of You

Em                   D/F#          G
All that You are, oh all that You are

Is living in me

G                                   C
All for Jesus, We’re all for Jesus, all for Jesus, we're all for Jesus

Em             D                 C
All for Jesus, We're all for Jesus

How accurate is this chords?