Birds (UKULELE CHORDS) by Thomas Sanders


[Verse 1]~
Eb                          G#
I don't wanna drive a fancy car today

              Emaj7    Gm     Gm
I don't wanna ride in a red corvette

Eb                   G#
I don't wanna jug my Saturday away

      Emaj7      Gm      Gm
But I don't wanna go home yet

[Verse 2]~
Eb                      G#
Today is not the day to jump out of a plane

              Emaj7      Gm      Gm
I don't wanna parasail or play roulette

Eb                        G#
I don't wanna risk it all or go insane

      Emaj7      Gm      Gm
But I don't wanna go home yet

              Gm       Eb
I don't wanna watch the birds go by

        Gm                         G#
From my handy foldable blue canvas throne

        Gm        Eb
I wanna watch them fly and fly

    Gm                          G#   A7
And see them soar up into the unknown

But I'd feel just like a nerd

Watching birds
Watching me here all alone

[Verse 3]~
I don't wanna breakdance or learn taekwondo

              Emaj7            Gm       Gm
I don't wanna fish till all the fish are gone

Eb                         G#
I don't wanna roller skate even if it's slow

              Emaj7        Gm   Gm
I don't wanna pass out in a marathon

[Verse 4]~
Eb                   G#
I don't like soccer, baseball track or field

        Emaj7   Gm       Gm
I'm not up for a match of polo

Eb                    G#
I don't wanna seek or try to stay concealed

             Emaj7    Gm    Gm
I'm also not up for... water polo

             Gm       Eb
I just wanna watch the birds up there

          Gm                           G#
Track the migratory patterns that they flow

        Gm        Eb
I wanna watch them from my chair

        Gm                          G#
With my binoculars, my latte and my phone

Amaj7                       Gm
Trying to spot a lark in the park parked in nature all alone

Bb                                G#                            Gm                     G#
Alone here with the doves and the sparrows and the ospreys, the owlets, the eagles and mynas

          Bb                   G#                           Ebadd9                           Bb
It's just me and mr finch, the robins, the kingfishers, the snipes, though I heard they don't exist

Gm#                                                       Emaj                     Gm
Each little species and it's little way can teach me what awaits you if you can get away

        Gm       Eb
I wanna watch the birds do what they will

      Gm            Eb        G#
Sorry if I'm ornithologically prone

Gm                                        Eb
I wanna watch from somewhere undisturbing, quiet calm still

Gm                             G#     A7
Sit right here and gaze at the unknown

Amaj7                   Gm                        Emaj  Amaj7
I don't wanna fly in the sky, I just wanna be alone.

Gm    Amaj7    Eb
I just wanna be alone

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